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"I began working with Kelly in 2013 to help bring to fruition a boot range for Laidback London.

The brand at that time had tried and failed in this area which left sales reliant on Spring/Summer seasons. Kelly worked with myself and a new supplier which led to our first boot sillouhette utilising a crepe wrap profile. She worked independently with the factory and her last maker in the UK which produced the result of a unique best seller for Laidback London, still selling now.

Kelly and I have continued to work together on an evolution of new product ideas, styling and photoshoots. Her creativity has translated effortlessly into commerciality and hard numbers for the brand. A dedicated, inspiring and hardworking designer"


"We initially engaged with Kelly in 2016 to work on expanding our home produced footwear working closely with myself and our factory managers. This led to our first product with a completely new construction utilising our moccasin machine, the result being a genuinely  fresh look which went on to become a best seller for Celtic&Co.

Following this we continued working with Kelly on a contract basis with a focus on sustainability within our business. Her technical expertise, production understanding, wealth of creativity and broad knowledge of the footwear industry has been invaluable to us"


"Kelly designed Bedroom Athletics ranges for nearly ten years, evolving the brand DNA into seasonal collections

with bespoke outsoles and silhouettes. Kelly worked closely with myself and the brand manager

on collaborations with Harris Tweed and Liberty Fabrics.

These collabs lead to our first ever moccasin slipper ranges for both men and women which grew

sales exponentially and created a new dimension of business for the brand "


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